Sat, May 18th - 8:30PM - $20


Hot Like Mars Residency at Martyrs'! (2 Sets!)

Hot Like Mars (formerly The North 41)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Four Unique Shows!

(formerly The North 41)


Corn on my Dinner Plate

 Seven friends from Chicago making songs together. Colin Kolasny, Nico Diaz de Leon, Roan Quinn, Jack Harris, Chris S├ínchez, Jeremy Adams, Weber Anderson <3

Groovy Louie & the Time Capsules

 In between the dimensional fingers of time and space lives a being with unlimited astroillogical funktelligence. His name is Groovy Louie. His only purpose is to spread the funk so all beings have the ability to survive.  During Groovy's endless quest he has recruited a group of modern funk disciples to aid in his objective. A group he admirably refers to as the Time Capsules. Together, Groovy Louie & the Time Capsules have signed their souls to the Intergalactic Mothers of Funk, promising to preserve life by juicing the funk out of every corner of the unknown universe.

Price: $20